Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Been a Month

A whole month since we took James to Grove City College. It seems so much longer ago... So, what's been happening in the past month? Hm....

James seems to be doing well, from what we can tell, haha. Thank goodness for Facebook, because that's the easiest way to get ahold of him and to see how he's doing. He's got a blog going at Pookie Must Be Heard! and I'm hoping he gets some more entries and photos up so we can see a bigger window into his campus life. He's met some nice people, joined some groups, been to a contradance, met Dr. Guido Hulsmann and had dinner with him, and likes the assortment of food the school has to offer.

Here on the home front, there's been moose spending the night in our yard off and on for a while now. Sometimes only one, sometimes two. There have been a lot of moose out along the roadways, too, and here's one we saw just feet from the road on Saturday:

I've got a new blog going, this one to replace the craft blog I started a couple months ago, which I thought was too blah. The new one, AlaskaGirl Crafts! is tied in more to my life here in Alaska as it relates to my recipes and crafts and whatnot. I guess it's much like this blog in that it's conversational and laid-back, but is less about our family. I'd be glad for input on it if you have any to offer.

Jim took me out on my first snowmachine ride a week ago. It was pretty nice. I'd never been all the way to the other side of the lake before. Jim's also been out riding with our neighbor Lee, and Lee showed him a good shortcut to get to our property over on the other lake.

My newest big project is the fur sewing class I'm taking in the evenings, twice a week. Class is half over, and I've finished a pillbox-style beaver dress hat and a trapper-style shearling hat for myself, and am working now on a beaver trapper hat for Jim. I hope to have that done within the week, because soon it will be too warm to wear it! Our temperature right now is 42 degrees (that's ABOVE zero) and our snow is melting so fast it sounds like rain falling outside. 

Our next adventure will be the Fur Rendezvous - more commonly known as the Rondy - in Anchorage later this month. A festival that began as a sporting event coinciding with the trappers bringing furs into town at the end of the season has become a weeks-long event with Outhouse Races, The Running of the Caribou, blanket toss, weight-pulling contests for dogs, fashion shows, Cerveza belly contest, carnivals, dancing and more. We need to hurry up and look for a hotel, or it might be too late!

The dogs are doing fine, albeit a little stir-crazy. Belle spends most of her day avoiding Moya, haha, and Moya spends most of her day looking for mischief. Tate... is slowing down. Her 13th birthday is next month and it would be nice if she makes it. As long as she seems happy, we're letting her be. Occasionally Moya will put her arm around Tate, which, considering Moya's extreme self-centeredness, is pretty adorable.

I guess that's about it for now. I'm gonna go look out the window and watch the snow melt. Just a reminder, though - it's not too early to start making plans to come up and visit us this summer. Get those plane tickets early while you can get a good price!

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