Monday, January 30, 2012

Furry Faces of the T200

Most of the fun of going to the races is in seeing the sled dogs themselves. We love dogs and enjoy seeing the variety of color and temperament as they wait - patiently sometimes, not so patiently other times - to do what they were born to do: run.

This year, the weather was so cold that the transport trucks were parked close together and hard to get near due to the plowed snow berms, and the dogs were kept longer in their rigs for warmth. That made it harder to get good pictures of the teams. Once they were brought out, given a snack, bootied and harnessed, they were ready for the challenge ahead. Here's one of DeeDee Jonrowe's dogs, waiting for his booties.
And another of DeeDee's dogs. Legend has it that blue-eyed dogs can see the wind.
These dogs are certainly ready to hit the trail.... but one is readier than the others!
Such beautiful blue eyes in that serious face.
Aren't they lovely?
A handler calms and holds two lead dogs waiting in the chute.
A pair of swing dogs in the chute:
Two lead dogs in their jackets are ready to get this show on the road at last.
A pretty smile from a lead dog:
This team is being moved into the chute. The snow machine behind the sled anchors the team so that they don't have a false start. A determined team can move a parked car if they want to.
I think this dog is the most gorgeous one in the whole race. I could look at this picture for hours.
Yes, I do love the dogs. How could I not?

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