Monday, February 20, 2012

Ice Around Town 2012 part 2

I hope you liked the photos in the previous post on this year's Ice Around Town. We took so many photos I needed to split them up into two posts, so this post is about the interactive sculptures.

I already showed you the Tustumena 200's musher, but what we didn't realize when we first saw this one was that the sled is big enough for a person to sit in. I didn't realize it until I saw someone else's photo with an adult man sitting in the sled. I wish we'd done it, too. Next year, we'll be more observant!
The Soldotna Visitor's Center never disappoints us with their interactive sculptures. This one echos the saddled salmon at the chainsaw carver's in Sterling. Jim took a ride first:
The salmon didn't waste any time grabbing Jim by the hand, though!
Let a Texas girl show you how to ride!
The Sports Center in Soldotna hosts game tournaments for children, free hot dogs and other activities. The giant slides are always fascinating and covered in details. The kids love them, and the adults wish we could play on them, too.

Before we get to the main attraction, let me show you the Peak Oilfield kiddie slide, and the cuteness of this big sister helping little sister go down the slide:
Across the parking lot, two giant Oriental dragons face off. Oh my!
Eager children go through the arches to climb ice stairs to the dragons' mouths. (Note that there's a small slide on either side of the stairs as well.)
Easily 20 feet of very fast slide await the children once they are "swallowed" by the dragons. See the legs and scales on the dragon? Remember, you can click the photos to enlarge them. [update: there are some problems with Blogger enlarging the pics right now, which hopefully I'll be able to clear up soon.]
Notice the size of the dragons' heads. Both heads were different.

Breaking news: The ice sculpture winners have been announced! First place goes to the T200 dog sled. Second place goes to the Soldotna Professional Pharmacy's whale, and third place is a tie between Dr. Hu's Bugs Bunny and Soldotna Mini Storage's Bear. Congratulations!!!

Update: Ben Firth and Family carved seven of the ice sculptures around town, including three of the winners!

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  1. Click on the Firth link. Those are some amazing sculptures they did in Anchorage.