Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 2 Meals

The second week of the Alaska Food Experiment is behind us!  Woohooo!!!  Here's what we ate:

Saturday November 9:
Breakfast - unless otherwise noted, breakfast is eggs fried in butter
Lunch - unless otherwise noted, lunch is leftovers from the day before
Supper - pork loin roast with stir-fried cabbage

Sunday November 10:
Snack - homemade potato chips
Supper - chicken-fried pork loin slices, broccoli and cauliflower

Monday November 11:
Snack - apple fruit leather
Supper - potato broccoli cheddar soup

Tuesday November 12:
Snack - apple fruit leather
Supper - meatloaf and hash browns with homemade ketchup, broccoli and cauliflower

Wednesday November 13:
Breakfast - eggs and hash browns with homemade ketchup
Supper - meatloaf and stir-fry cabbage

Thursday November 14:
Supper - pork roast with sauerkraut, zucchini
Snack - apple fruit leather and Finnish barley cookies

Friday November 15:
Supper - hamburger patties with cheddar, ice box pickles, and baked potatoes with butter

Saturday November 16:
Supper - beef pot roast, home fries, baby brussels sprouts, pork rinds

Apples - Soldotna
Barley flour - Delta Junction
Beef - Homer
Broccoli - Soldotna
Brussels sprouts- Soldotna
Cabbage - grocery store's "Alaska grown" section
Cauliflower - Soldotna
Cheddar - home made
Cucumbers - Soldotna
Eggs - home grown
Honey - Kasilof
Lard for frying - home rendered
Milk - home grown
Onions - farmer's market
Potatoes - Sutton
Pork - Funny River
Tomatoes - Soldotna

We finally got some snow on Sunday late in the day, and it is still on the ground. If I'd stayed with my original plan of waiting to start our food experiment until the first sticking snow, we wouldn't have started it until this past Monday. I'm glad I didn't wait so long. I've lost six and a half pounds so far this month! If I'd known the weight would be coming off so easily, I might have started the experiment in October, haha!

As far as trying new recipes goes, the Finnish barley cookies are a hit, and I'll make those again, but add more spices next time. The pork rinds? They were okay, but not as good as the kind you buy at the grocery store. I have more to cook up so I'll experiment a bit with that and see if I can get the hang of making them puffier than this first time.

Honeybee is not sure that snow is a good thing.


  1. Yeah! You are doing so great! Thanks for sharing your experiences and insights!