Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Random gratuitous Alaska photos...

Lately, the posts haven't had much in them to look at, so I thought I'd go through the ol' album and find you some eye candy.

This was taken as we were leaving on a float plane sightseeing trip.  We're leaving from Anchorage, and headed out towards Denali.


Jim and James in a canoe on Daniel's Lake:

Tundra swans on Daniel's Lake:

A cute red squirrel who came every day, sometimes twice a day, to beg potato chips and Cheerios from me on one of our trips.  He probably thinks tourists are such easy marks!

Stay tuned for more photos to come, because over the weekend of May 14 - 18, we're all going back to Alaska to sign on the house and spend some time there.  


  1. Hi Deanna, here from swap-bot :)
    Isn't that little red squirrel adorable!! We have them in the UK too - up north especially northumberland. They're notoriously shy and hard to spot so its a treat when you do!
    It sounds like a wonderful trip to have on a float plane - i'm envious!
    Thanks for the link (and comments - confusing swap eh!)
    Happy Swapping, T. x

  2. Absolutely stunning photos! I love the squirrel!