Saturday, May 16, 2009

Well, the pictures will have to come later...

We left Anchorage in the rain, which made me wish I had brought my cool rain boots!  LOL  The rain kept us from getting the usual pretty views of the glacier and mountains, but it was still a nice drive. We saw nine moose during the day today, but no eagles like we normally see.  I guess the rain was keeping them hidden.

We got into Kenai and picked up the keys to the house and went straight there.


What an adorable dollhouse.  The pictures I'd seen don't really do it justice, and Jim is spending his spare moments breathing sighs of relief that James and I like the house as much as we do. We've got some nice photos but since the internet at the house is not hooked up like we thought it would be, and I'm sitting in an internet cafe, I'm having trouble uploading photos. So I'll see if we get someplace later on with internet and try again. Bye for now!

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