Wednesday, October 28, 2009

He's baaaaaaaaack!

I'm happy to report that James is back from Texas safe and sound, and that he had a fine time visiting his Irish musician friends. Thank you to everyone who made the trip possible and memorable for him. Mwah! He didn't take many photos but he did hand off the camera to a friend in the audience during the Tune Tussle, and got this video of his group's performance:

Since the video is taken from the audience with a pocket camera, it's hard to understand what's being said on stage, but it's still good entertainment. James is the fiddler (well duh) third from the left. His time to shine comes around 3:45 on the video. There is also some bonus music at the end from a couple of the instructors, and I'll have to check with James to find out what their names are. We're trying to find someone with a video of James' solo performance on closing night of the Retreat...

Jim and I took Little Sweetie back to the storage unit on Sunday, trying to beat the snow before it made those itty bitty tires have to work too hard to make the drive into Soldotna. But there has been no snow. Um, it's Alaska, helloooooooooo, and we were forecasted to get snow for two days now and there hasn't been any. Maybe there was some someplace else but Nikiski didn't get any. [insert drama voice here] Oh darn, I'll just have to put up with the sunny few days coming up and do without snow for a while yet.

We saw our first Stellar's jay on the bird feeders this morning. Very pretty black and blue bird shaped like a cardinal. They aren't especially common in this area and we're hoping he comes back so we can try to take his picture.


  1. The video accidentally goes into Patty and Brendan's instructor concert at the end. iMovie behaved unexpectedly. Our whole performance is all there, though.

  2. When you write "drama voice", I read "dripping with sarcasm voice".

  3. Mike, I *suppose* you could interpret it that way. ;^) heehee

    Turns out I spoke too soon, though. There's a dusting of snow out there now from overnight. It won't last long, since the sun's not even fully up yet and it's 35 degrees.

  4. Jim (of the wild ride variety)October 28, 2009 at 12:24:00 PM CDT

    Our first Alaska snow was something of a letdown, I must admit. No snow machining in a 1/16" dusting which could be confused with a really heavy frost.

  5. Fate does not like to be tempted, evidently. And now Jim is doing it.... ah, I see what you're doing! Clever! :-)

  6. Ack. I have a video of James' tune tussle group as well. I'll make a note to upload that tonight.