Monday, October 19, 2009

Just a little update

Hello there, everyone!

Nothing earth-shattering has happened lately, but enough little things have accumulated that I thought I'd go ahead and update the ol' blog.

Hm, let's see, well, we went to the first craft show of the holiday season last Saturday. A woman I know from the Homemakers' Club had her art in the show, so we went and looked around. There were some really nice things, and I picked up a Christmas present for someone.

Speaking of Christmas, our first string of Christmas lights is up in the kitchen window. We're switching to LEDs for the window and outdoor lights because we can string a lot more together (our outlets are a bit far apart) and because they're cheap to light. Which we think will be a good thing given that we'll be having them lit for months during the long winter.

Speaking of winter, it was 31 degrees when we left for church on Sunday morning. It's strange how sometimes the cold doesn't feel cold. I mean, yeah, sometimes it feels quite chilly, don't get me wrong, but Jim was scraping ice off the car and we could see our breath, but I was still debating whether or not I'd be okay in my long-sleeved shirt or if I should bring a jacket, because it just didn't feel like 31 degrees. I decided to bring the jacket. I wonder what it will be like next week when we're forecasted to get our first snow...

Speaking of snow, Jim ordered a wood burning stove that will need to be installed before the snow starts to fly. We picked out tile to go underneath it and are trying to get someone out here to install that before the stove arrives. We've got wood on the way and should get that this weekend.

Speaking of this weekend, James will be back in Texas for the O'Flaherty Irish Music Retreat in Midlothian, thanks to the generosity of Toar and Candace who sponsored his attendance. This will be James' initiation into traveling alone, but Big Jim will be picking him up at the airport in Dallas when he touches down.

Speaking of Dallas, we may be needing to order new parts from Kip Motor for Little Sweetie unless the body shop here in Sterling can pull off a miracle. We were supposed to pick up the car tonight, but when we got to the body shop, the repairs weren't complete and the car wouldn't start. The body shop owner will call us tomorrow and let us know what we might be able to expect from here on out, but we're not planning on having the car back this year, period. If another new headliner has to be manufactured and shipped in, there's a month already.

Speaking of another month, we're looking forward to having Big Jim and Mary visit us over Thanksgiving weekend. If the weather is pretty, we want to drive to Homer, plus there will be a major craft show, and a parade, and fireworks. Since we can't have fireworks for Independence Day (it's too bright out at night to see them), we have them to kick off the Christmas season.

And speaking of Christmas (again), if I don't sign off and get back to knitting, I'm not going to have my Christmas gifts done in time, so I'll say good night for now. Good night!

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  1. We are really looking forward to seeing James and playing with him again! Thanks for loaning him out to O'F's.

    Argh! Christmas!