Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Puppy's First Snow

Hello again! Jim's got the tile heat shield finished behind the wood stove now, and although the grout hasn't been put in yet, we missed using the stove. So Jim put the stove back in place and built a nice cozy fire. Aaaaaaah. Tate, who is starting to feel her age, loves heat sources, and was more than happy to pose for her fireside portrait as long as we wanted.

Camera-shy Belle needed some help to stay in one place, though.

Moya needed help staying in one place, too, but not because she was trying to avoid the camera. She's just naturally always moving.

Turns out the stove was put back just in time, as an overnight snowfall came and gave us a couple inches of soft white powder. The snow fell again midday, fat white flakes swirling thickly through the air. When the snow stopped, the sun came out so bright and made the fresh snow look so lovely. As much as we would have liked to leave the snow all around, we're in for two more days of snow (if the forecast is correct!) so it had to be shoveled off the porches and balcony. Naturally, all the dogs wanted to go out on the balcony, too.

Belle is the only one of the dogs who knows what we're really in for. Remember, Belle was a year-round outdoor dog until we got her, and her advice seems to be to go to your mental "happy place" and squeeze your eyes shut until spring.

"Mom, make it go away, okay?"

Of course Moya is delighted. Deeeeeelighted. Snow is part toy, part treat. Snow shovels are part toy, too. Life is good for a puppy in Alaska.


  1. Jim (of the wild ride variety)November 12, 2009 at 1:21:00 PM CST

    Moya is enthralled by this multi-purpose ground cover. It is a tasty treat which melts in your mouth, not on your paws, it is a toy, it covers up all of her favorite twigs and leaves making walk time into an adventure like never before...

  2. If you think Moya's walks are fun with snow, you should try potties. Have you ever tried getting an excited dog to just park it and go?

    I suppose *you* have, but for everyone else - I'll be glad when she starts accepting snow as "normal."

  3. Umm James....have YOU ever tried to just "park it and go" in the snow? BBBrrr. dare you! lol

    Jim, I hope Santa brings you a serious snow shovel! And mittens. And a snowball maker, and a Fort kit, and, and.....

    Deanna, thanks for sharing I'm jealous.SNOW!! if you get a chance, and the night is crisp crunchy cold and clear...go stand outside and look up at the sparkling stars and then down at the sparkling of the things I love best.

  4. Oh Wait a minute! How are you going to hang your stockings on that chimney??
    Tate is adorable, btw. BOOGA

  5. Jim (of the wild ride variety)November 14, 2009 at 10:28:00 PM CST

    Hi Amy,

    I got part of my Christmas today -- ran my snow machine to the mailbox and back. The snow is really too thin, but James got his sled put back together and we had to be sure it worked, and I didn't want to send him alone...

  6. Jim (of the wild ride variety)November 16, 2009 at 9:32:00 PM CST

    It got down to -9 degrees last night, and I'm sure it got above zero today (since the sun is down and our thermometer is reading 2). Supposed to be a sunny week for us. Sunny means cold during the winter, as what heat there is radiates into space. Maybe some clouds and snow on the weekend, with temperatures getting back into the 20s.

    The temps don't bother me, just get me another 6" of snow!