Saturday, December 12, 2009

Happy (Very Belated) Thanksgiving!

Hello again from the Great White North! We all hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving and are gearing up for a happy Christmas as well!

Big Jim and Mary were here with us for Thanksgiving. They flew into Anchorage on Wednesday and Jim and James drove up to get them.

They were here for the weekend and left on Sunday. While they were here we visited the big craft bazaar in Kenai, ate at Veronica's, and the guys went snow machining on the lake.

We got about a foot of snow that weekend. Even with neighbor Lee's help in plowing the driveway, there is still a lot of shoveling that has to be done.

We're enjoying new additions to our bird feeders. Now we have magpies and pine grosbeaks visiting us. We're glad they're okay with picking up the sunflower seed the chickadees drop, because the chickadees can't be bothered to clean up their own mess!

As usual, I find the local McD's a good source of entertainment. This is the new sign they've posted warning of the ice in the drive-through lane:

We've got our Christmas tree up as of last night, and may put up a second one tonight. It looks a lot more like Christmastime with the tree decorated. Speaking of Christmas, the  Mt. Redoubt Homemakers' Club had two Christmas parties in the last couple weeks. One was for the firemen, and one was just for the club members. I haven't had much opportunity to do cake since we've been here, so I wanted to do something fun for the members' party. Here's the polar bear cake I made:

James is making preparations for college and will be leaving in the middle of January. It will be odd having him living elsewhere for a couple months until he comes back for Easter break! I'm proud of him, and Jim is, too. What a grand adventure this will be for him!

The winter here is very pretty and not at all dreary and dark. I hope to get some pictures of the prettiness posted soon. The trees are frosted over and look so hauntingly dramatic, and gazing out over the lake is a particular treat when there is a little bit of fog to add to the mystery. When the weather is clear and we can see the snowy mountains, oh... I wish you were here to see that.

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  1. Jim (of the wild ride variety)December 13, 2009 at 9:19:00 PM CST

    Twilight lasts a long time on either side of a short day. If it is cloudy, it is gray. If it is clear then it is absolutely beautiful. The best is a bit of high clouds -- then you get spectacular colors and pretty patterns in the deep blue sky. This evening the fog moved in very quickly while James and I were out snow machining on the lake.