Sunday, July 25, 2010

Big Jim's Visit, Part 3: Going Fishing

Friday morning. Sourdough pancakes made from a 50-year-old Alaskan starter, with store-bought maple syrup, birch syrup made by my friend Patty, four homemade jams, and peanut butter.

James had to work today, as did Jim, so shortly after James left for work, Big Jim headed out to see Soldotna. He stopped at the tackle store and got himself all decked out for wading in the Kenai River, and after stopping to get a sandwich at Jersey Subs where James works, Big Jim got to do some fishing. Unfortunately, the fish he caught were snagged, which made them illegal to keep, and he had to throw them back. Only salmon hooked in the mouth are legal to keep. He was given two nice salmon by the family he was fishing next to, though.

Meanwhile, I took Moya to the woods next to our house and "we" picked nearly two pounds of wild strawberries and rhubarb, and made pie.

By the time Big Jim and James both got home, it was too late at night to filet and cook the fish, so we had blue cheese burgers followed by strawberry-rhubarb pie and ice cream.

We didn't get any other pictures from today. But I *know* we'll get pictures tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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