Friday, July 30, 2010

Big Jim's Visit, Part 6: Finishing Up

The last few days of Big Jim's visit were pretty laid back, really... Sunday, he and Jim did some more fishing on the Kenai River, and Monday he helped us do some jobs around the house. We ate quail egg sandwiches and pancakes for breakfast, and salmon and steamed crab legs for dinner, and on Tuesday there was Kodiak scallops for lunch!

But also on Tuesday was Big Jim's flight back to Dallas. James had to say goodbye to his Gramps early in the morning before he left for work, but Jim and I got to be with him until the afternoon when he caught his flight out of the Kenai Municipal Airport (pictured below) to connect with his red-eye flight back home.

Thanks for coming to visit!

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  1. Dea, You certainly do a masterful job on the blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed reliving my visit with you folks. You 3 are really Alaskans. Congratulations on your conversions. In retrospect, I only wish James had been with us more. Your home is precious beyond words and the homeyness and usefulness of it all along with the way you can incorporate the 3 dogs into your lives is terrific. You guys made me feel totally at home and welcome and I can't thank you enough. I understand your love for ALASKA. I dig it !!! Unfortunately I felt worse than I look standing next to Charles and the grizzly at the airport. I was down until Friday afternoon and now am fine. Just a cold and maybe slight case of whatever but all it took was a bunch of sleep. Again, thank you so much for sharing these days your lives and enjoy each one of them. Love, Jim, Dad and Gramps. Hi to my 3 dog friends.