Friday, March 4, 2011

My Rondy boots!

I did it! I finished my boots for Rondy last night! 

These are by far the most elaborate fur item I've ever made. I already know what I'd change to make them better the next time I make a pair, but overall, though, I'm pretty tickled.
The furs, starting at the knee and working downwards, are: natural dark beaver, tanuki, bleached beaver, red fox, and natural red beaver. The pompoms are natural dark beaver and the toes are otter.

Rather than make a multi-layer leather sole, like the pair I was copying, I took apart a pair of Dearfoams slippers that had a sewn-on rubber sole. I hope the rubber sole will provide more traction than a leather one. When I took the slippers apart, two layers of foam remained with the soles, so I left that in place. I made linings of polar fleece around the calf, with foot uppers made of thick felted wool. The insoles are multi-layered, with heavy New Zealand sheepskin under my feet, two layers of polar fleece/felt laminate, and a layer of headliner foam on the very bottom. Added to the foam I left in when I took the Dearfoams apart, they make for a very cushy platform that's warm and comfortable.

The pair of boots I was copying had a beaded rosette on each shin, where the band of plain suede is, but I couldn't find any I liked. I bought two cross-sections of walrus rib bone to use there, but right before sewing them on I decided I didn't really like them for that purpose and left them off. I'll look for some nice beadwork while we're at Rondy this weekend.

Now, I've got to go finish packing! Woohoooooooooo!!!!!!

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