Thursday, March 31, 2011

Rondy '11 Part 4: The Running of the Reindeer Videos

As promised, here are the videos of the Fourth Annual Running of the Reindeer. I highly recommend that you click through to watch them on YouTube, where you might be able to see them better.

This is the video of my run with the reindeer. In all the Military, Mens and Groups herds, the reindeer are released at the same time as the runners. In the Women's herd, the runners are given a 10-second head start. You hear the emcee counting down the ten seconds at the beginning of the video. Two deer ran past me within arm's reach on my right, and another one brushed against my arm on my left. That was totally cool!

This is Jim's video of his run with the reindeer, which he filmed by holding the camera over his head as he ran. You can easily see how close he was to the reindeer!

This is the Groups herd. This is where the best costumes are. Enjoy!
(In spite of the emcee suggesting there might have been an injury, there wasn't. There hasn't been an injury in all four years of RotR.)

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