Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Father's Day greeting

Happy Falker Satherhood to all the dads out there! :^)

How did we spend Falker Satherhood* Day here at our house? We packed. Duh. But we kicked some serious box bootie today, and I think we're within, oh, six weeks of being ready leave.

What's that you say? I only have nine more days? Killjoy.

On the bright side, I talked to my mom's husband Stan yesterday. Turns out we were going to miss my sister and her family, who are also stopping by Mom's in Colorado on their way elsewhere, by about two days or so. Sister rearranged her schedule, Stan called friends with a B&B, and suddenly it's a surprise family reunion!

Our special last-Father's-Day-in-Texas treat today was certainly not cake, since all my cake stuff is packed, but we did indeed have a treat: ice cream. What flavors of ice cream, you might ask?

Waaaaaait for it.....

Caramel Carabou and Extreme Moose Tracks!!

LOL! I crack me so up!

*You should really go check out Cake Wrecks. Start with the oldest posts and work your way forward. And be prepared to laugh until you pee.


  1. I'm so excited i can hardly stand myself!!!
    love you guys!! (; p.s. we had ice cream too, altho not as colorful names!! I had pomegranite sherbert......

  2. Funny video and story (thanks for the link). The mental process that led to the error would be interesting to understand, but it would be hard to top the result for comedic value.

    Is moose tracks a euphemism of some sort? Those of us in the lower 48 are not up on the latest Alaska-slang.

  3. I have no idea why they call that ice cream flavor Moose Tracks. It's a fudge ripple chocolate ice cream with tiny little Rolo-like candies in it.

    Which incidentally do not look like what moose leave behind. ;^)

  4. I spent the last month reading all the entries on Cake Wrecks and bookmarked never to miss another laugh. Thanks for the very first introduction.