Thursday, June 25, 2009

Who's sorry NOW? heh heh heh

Today, my friends, it is 103 degrees here in the lovely D/FW Metroplex, with a heat index of 110.

I found a penny in the parking lot while running errands this afternoon, and in picking it up, I nearly branded Lincoln's profile into the pad of my thumb.

What's the temperature like at our new house in Alaska? 56 degrees. Oh yeah. You wanna come visit us now, don'tcha?

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  1. (Starts singing "rawhide" theme in reference to Mom's new Brand) Gimme 56! And we don't have a 350º attic up there, either, lol.

  2. The above comment from a guy who's job it will be today to climb up in aforementioned 350 degree attic to get down boxes. Poor James.

  3. When you are up there and wishing for the warmer climes you once knew, you can look at that brand and remember that they are often not pleasant.

    And come December or so, there will be payback. Of that you may be certain.

    (Tried to become a "follower", but it doesn't like me (no snide quips from Jim or the rest of the peanut gallery, thanks). I guess I fail at being a follower.)

  4. Yurt alert! Reading an otherwise informative article, and suddenly hit with a yurt reference.

  5. Mike, that just means you're a born leader. :^) No yurt for you! LOL