Friday, August 21, 2009

Moya's Day Out

Ah, today was one of those days when just being outside makes you glad to be alive. Except for having to go to the warehouse store for more dog food, but you do what you gotta do, right?

James and I took Moya with us on our errands, which has become the norm for any outing that involves the two of us. On a day so pretty, and so clear, it was too hard not to divert ourselves a bit and enjoy the scenery.

Here's James and Moya at the scenic overlook off Bridge Access Road. A long panoramic view of the mountains across the Inlet, including Mt. Redoubt which you can barely see next to Moya's right ear, is beyond the plain where the caribou herd is sometimes seen. (Not seen by us yet, but we're hoping to see it someday.) Just peeking into the lower right corner of this picture is a big metal telescope that you can look at the volcano through.

Here's some of the mountains beyond the plain. You might want to enlarge this one so you can see it better.

Driving towards Nikiski from Kenai, this mountain seems to block the road.

After lunch, we decided to take a quick trip down to Captain Cook State Park and let Moya have her first walk on the beach. But first, we noticed McDonald's had a 50 cent special on ice cream cones in honor of Alaska's 50th statehood anniversary. How can you resist such a deal on a warm summer day?

Moya shared James' cone with him. She seems to like her first taste of ice cream!

Here they are, on the path to the beach at the state park. Moya is uncharacteristically standing still at the moment!

This is what we came to see - the mountain range across the inlet. (Enlarge this one and get a better look!) I'd have preferred it if the tide were in so that Moya could have played in the water a bit, but this way she had a lot of rocky beach to explore instead. Just stay off those mud flats!

James evidently doesn't walk fast enough!

"Look! I can take a rest in this tire track!"

Climbing rocks is fun!

Isn't this an awesome rock? The middle is smooth but the edges are like ribbons... like a slice of the sun with part of its rays still intact. Or a piece of pie. Use whichever imagery suits your fancy. ;^)


  1. Oh I love Moya and the rock! Whata great photo!They're all great bit this is my favorite! She is such a doll.
    Thank you for a trip to the beach!

  2. I'm so glad you all have good cameras, because I REALLY love the pictures you post!!! love you all lots, Carla

  3. such a pretty dog :) and sooo cute
    thanks for the laughs


  4. oh, p.s.
    caesar malan is amazing at training dogs...he comes on the national geographic channel and has dvds you can buy. his ideas helped me understand and work with my dog as well as others better :)