Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Totally random stuff

It's been a few days since I showed you any pictures that didn't have one of our dogs in them, so I thought I'd share a few things with you that you might not see in your daily lives. I never leave the house without my camera, because Alaska is full of "random" and I want to capture it when I see it.

First, let me show you the Kenai Elks Lodge. This is clearly the most in-your-face Elks Lodge I've ever seen. If the elk-in-the-woods mural on the entire front of the building didn't clue you in, the giant elk statue will.

Yep, fish hook removal is worth advertising, especially when you're a clinic just miles from world-famous salmon fishing that attracts shoulder-to-shoulder fishermen every summer.

No door? No problem. If you (or a buddy) has a welder, some sheet metal, and some stickers, it's every bit as good as what the manufacturer had there before.

We first saw The Burger Bus when Jane was visiting us. James and I decided to go in and have lunch a few days ago. The food was so-so, but the price was right, and it was fun to eat something that was actually made to order in a converted Superior Coach.

The Kenai Home Depot happily acknowledges that this is a tourist destination, and offers help in several different languages. Hm, let's take a look... Three employees speak ASL, two speak Spanish, one speaks Portuguese, one speaks French, one speaks German, and - notice the woman in the middle? She speaks Yupik Eskimo.

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  1. How very interesting!! I really like the burger bus!!! looks like a neat place to eat! I'm glad you take your camera with you, I love ALL the pictures! Thank you (: love you lots, Carla