Saturday, September 19, 2009


Ahoy, all ye mateys! Be ye knowin' what today be? It be International Talk Like A Pirate Day! So I don't want to hear any of ye speakin' the King's English, ya hear? No proper pirate be loyal to the King!

'Twas a foggy morning on the Lake of Wik....

When Cap'n Jim and the Salty Dawgs gathered on the poop deck. What mayhem might them bilge-sucking scallywags be a-plottin'?

Avast! The scurvy dawgs have the glow of the sea witch in thar eyes!

Them bad eggs 'ave set the First Mate adrift in a rowboat with nary a bit of vittles but that thar bear! How long kin he last on such meager fare an' not even a piece of eight to trade fer his fill? 'Tisn't fer a good pirate to worry on them thoughts....

Appears the cabin pup has pity in her landlubbin' heart fer the Mate an' sends a rescue to the rocky shore whar he be landed.

A happy endin' fer the First Mate, and a happy TLAPD to ye landlubbers. Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!


  1. Now that was cute!!!!
    They've been doing TLAPD on Hatchlings too!!
    I even sent you a TLAPD hug on FB!!
    Love you guys lots!!! Carla

  2. By Red Beard's ghost, ye olde poop deck *did* need a swabbin', but the First Matey an' me, we got the chore done.