Saturday, September 5, 2009


Hello there. Just another chatty update...

If you read this blog a couple days ago, you probably noticed that Little Sweetie went to the body shop. Perhaps you also noticed the update that we're having some... issues... with the first shipper's insurance company. So the repairs are on hold until at least after the long weekend.

Jim and James went fishing this morning with neighbor Lee. The photo below is where they went. You should really enlarge this picture so you can see the mountain. The guys missed seeing the black bears that were there, too, but some of the other people fishing off the same bridge saw two, including one that walked across the road behind them. Never let it be said that my guys don't concentrate on the task at hand, huh? Jane, if you're reading this, they went fishing off that bridge just before you get into the Captain Cook State Recreation Area, not far inside the State Park.

This is their catch. Yes, James' silver salmon is larger than Jim's. I almost typed in "much larger" but decided that marital harmony was not worth sacrificing to point that out. ;^)

And my big adventure today was my first kayaking lesson. I did not take to it immediately, but after a while I warmed up to it. Jim's a good teacher. The lake was so pretty and smooth tonight. Notice some golden on the trees?

James got this pic of a woodpecker working on a tree out back. I wonder if it was the same one that was trying to peck a hole in the house this afternoon?

And in other miscellaneous news, we've been eating salad from the Aerogarden and peas and potatoes grown by a neighbor across the main road. Strawberry leaves are dried for tea for the winter, since it will help with eczema, which Jim gets on his upper arms during cold weather. Peach freezer jam is in the freezer (obviously) and today's salmon catch will be in there soon, too. The ladies I meet are having an endlessly fun time asking me to define what I mean when I say "fall." Mentioning that I'd be willing to teach a cookie-decorating class "in the fall" so that the knowledge is fresh in their minds for making their Christmas goodie baskets got me some funny looks, I assure you. For me, in my mind, fall comes in October or November. For the locals, fall is pretty much this week and winter is next month. Although I've been told we may be having an Indian summer. Nooooooo, this should be REAL summer for at least a couple more months, right? Right?

I guess that's about it for this evening. It's getting late, and I'd still like to get some knitting done before bed. See you all later!


  1. Alright!! You made it out in the kayak. Good going Deanna!!
    And Jims' fish is the prettiest! (did that help?)
    Some red in the backyard trees here. Sad. I think we are going to have similar stories to share about weather.
    Race you to the snow angels!

  2. I'm glad to see that you are getting in the kayaks! One summer when we went to 'family camp' with cindy, chris and adam and I went out in kayaks!! It was great!! it's very easy to learn too! We REALLY liked it!!! Enjoy!!!
    love you tons! Carla

  3. Jim (of the wild ride variety)September 5, 2009 at 12:44:00 PM CDT

    Deanna did very well her first time out in kayaks. She had one wobble, but she recovered, and never spilled. We went up the fork of the lake which is not visible from our place, and barely visible from our entire side of the lake. It is almost all untouched, just a single house at the very end.