Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Get well soon, Little Sweetie!

I am happy to report that the movers have come through with a check to pay for Little Sweetie's repairs. Hallelujah. I was mentally prepared for a battle to get more than the 60 cents per pound that would have been the least they could offer, but they ponied up for the whole amount of the estimate. In my previous post when the damage occurred, I did not tell the names of the umbrella shipping company who organized the move, nor did I tell the name of the subcontracted shipping company who ruined the car. I do not know at this point if the responsible party has paid for the damage, but the main shipper, Alison's Relocation in Anchorage, paid it up front and is waiting to be reimbursed by the other company. Thanks, Alison.

So, today, we met Denny of Denny's Auto Body at the warehouse to pick up the Met. Of course he had to joke that he might need to go back and get his bigger wrecker. Nobody ever gets tired of making those jokes. (And I admit I think most of them are funny, too.)

I sort of like this picture because it's the only one I have, and probably the only one I'll ever take, where Little Sweetie looks big:

Uuuuuuuup onto the wrecker. Notice Denny's got latex gloves on. I know that's to keep oil or whatever off his own hands so he doesn't get grease monkey fingers, but what it means to me is that he's neat and clean - meaning my car will probably stay neat and clean, too.

And off he goes. I don't know when the work will be done, but I know the new headliner has to come out of Dallas from Kip Motor Company, where Little Sweetie got fixed up in the first place. And that will take some time. I figure I've got no less than three weeks to be without the car, but that's just a guess and certainly the soonest I could expect to have it back.

As for the shipper who did the damage in the first place, well, I decided not to say who that was. I don't want to get in trouble for libel or something, because they supposedly are in the process of paying Alison's back. But if you really want to know, these pics are enlarge-able and the guy who did it is wearing the light blue company-logo shirt.

We just got a letter from [on Jim's advice not to be snarky, I've taken out the name]'s insurance company saying not to do any repairs on the car until they've had a chance to review the claim. Three days after being paid by Alison's and one day after having the garage pick up the car. So we had to call and put the Met's work on hold until the relevant parties get back from long Labor Day weekend. This is NOT my happy face.

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  1. jim (of the wild ride variety)September 8, 2009 at 7:33:00 PM CDT

    For those who follow this thread about Deanna's car, we went and saw it today at the shop. The metal work is done and they've prepped for paint. I have hopes for a good and speedy recovery.