Thursday, January 14, 2010

Blurry photos and bleary eyes...

Hello again! I'm writing from Terminal B of the Anchorage airport, waiting for our flight to Pittsburgh that will take James to begin his college adventure. We haven't slept since this time yesterday, except for a nap James took in the car, so if nothing in this post makes any sense, blame it on that.  ;^)

During this past week, we got a new type of bird coming to our feeder. These are Common Redpolls. I'm sure Jim has some better pictures of them on his camera, but I forgot to get his pics, so you'll have to see mine and imagine them as being a lot redder, okay?

Remember when Zoe and James made graham cracker houses? Well, they were getting a bit old so James put them on the balcony for the birds, and one of the redpolls hopped onto the roof.

We also tried out the Kenai bowling alley. James said the retro scoring station made him feel like Checkov from Star Trek.
(Yes, I know Spock did the hand thingy, not Checkov, but still...)

Yesterday, James and I took the three dogs to the kennel in Sterling, about an hour from home. This was the longest car ride the three of them had taken together, and it went pretty well. Here's Tate, photobombing. LOL.  Goofy thing.

That's about all I know for now. I hope to get some sleep on the plane and be able to string together more coherent thoughts next time I post. And also hope to have some nice pictures of James' new environment to show you! See you in Pennsylvania!

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