Saturday, January 9, 2010

Six Months

We've been full-time Alaska residents for six whole months now. And things are going pretty darn good.

Moya has started to settle down and become less Moya the Destroya and more Moya the Enjoya. Tate is starting to feel her age and have some problems, but as she nears 13, it's to be expected. Belle is happy to sleep in Jim's office near her favorite hoomin. They'll all go to the kennel in Sterling on Wednesday when we get ready to.......

Take James to college!

He'll be entering Grove City College in Pennsylvania as a second-semester sophomore with almost 60 credit hours under his belt. He's got his college address now so if you want it, email me so I can get it to you. I'm sure he'll be glad for letters from friends.

We'll all leave really early in the morning on Thursday, flying out of Anchorage to Pittsburgh. James has an orientation on Friday, over the weekend we'll do some shopping for the dorm items he needs, and Jim and I will have a couple extra days to explore before leaving on Tuesday. We won't get back to Anchorage until past midnight, so we're thinking we'll get a hotel and do any shopping we need to do while we're in The Big City before heading back home.

We're proud of James, and while we'll certainly miss having him around the house, it's exciting to see him start on this new chapter of his life's story.

We love you, Bud.


  1. has it really been six months! My're almost "old timers" now! So proud of you for an incredible move and readjustment of your lives. !
    And look at that cutie! Pinch his cheeks for me, will you?

    Way to Go!!

  2. OMG! It doesn't seems possible... six montths!!!
    And James, it doesn't seems possible that he is already going to college either!!! So proud of him!!!
    Have a safe trip!! Love you all lots! (:

  3. So very excited for you all - enjoy the trip! Praying for you James as you set of on the next segment of the journey. May you hear the Lord, respond appropriately and timely and bless many as you go. I love you bunches and want to hear from you as time permits while in school. Always available as a sounding board if ever needed.

    Ant Sandie (always left out the u on purpose for my nephew Byron so seems appropriate to do so for you as well!)

  4. Thanks, Mrs. Crosnoe. Now that I have something to blog about, maybe I'll blog again, and you can hear about me there.