Monday, January 18, 2010

Grove City College

Hello at last from Grove City, Pennsylvania! I'd have posted sooner, but James pretty much got right into the midst of college activities when we got here, and I haven't had many opportunities to take pictures of him. I think I have as many pics of the campus buildings as I do of James!

Here's James in front of the Lower Campus sign.

The buildings really are pretty to look at, if you like Gothic-type architecture. Which I do. There are lots of arched doors and arched halls, leaded glass, and interesting pointy bits on the roofs. This is one of the main doors into James' dorm, Ketler Hall.

Ketler Hall was built in 1938. James' room is the top left triple window. The single window on the end of the building is a small room at the end of the hall, separating James' room from one like his on the other side of the hall.

And here's James, carrying some groceries up to his room. He's got a dorm fridge all to himself. Which I expect he'll keep stocked with only healthy foods like raw apples and milk. Right?

At the bends in the stairs going up to James' room, there are little alcoves with leaded glass windows. I think this one is a nod to the engineering department, but I'm not sure. I would totally bring a beverage and a book and sit here if I could.

The campus map.

James, checking his mailbox. "Hey, Mom, this is where to send some noms. I mean, raw apples and milk. Yeah."

Jim and James in the entry of the gorgeous 1931 Harbison Chapel. I have some pictures of the inside, which hardly do it justice, but which I'll post later anyway.

And James with me.

Today is the first day of classes for James, and when we see him this evening to say our goodbyes, we'll find out how they went. He has more classes in the morning that start before we need to leave for the airport, so it's unlikely we'll see him after tonight until he comes home for Easter break in March.

And the newly-empty nesters are already looking forward to that!

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