Monday, December 2, 2013

Week Four Meals

Week Four! We're at the halfway point in our Alaska Food Experiment! Here's what we ate:

Sunday November 24:
Breakfast - unless otherwise noted, breakfast is eggs fried in butter
Lunch - unless otherwise noted, lunch is leftovers from supper
Supper - bacon-wrapped filet mignon, broccoli and cauliflower

Monday November 25:
Supper - bacon burger patties, potato chips, onion, pickles

Tuesday November 26:
Supper - ham and broccoli soup

Wednesday November 27:
Supper - ham, hash browns, and pickled veggies

Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, November 28:
Supper - turkey, honeyed squash, broccoli, barley sausage apple dressing, barley rolls, cheesecake, squash pie, ice cream

Friday, November 29:
Supper - Mexican dinner out before a movie

Saturday, November 30:
Supper - Thanksgiving dinner leftovers

Finnish spice cookies, pickles

Where it came from:
Apples - Soldotna
Barley flour - Delta Junction
Beef - Homer
Broccoli - Soldotna
Butter - home made
Carrots - Palmer
Cauliflower - Soldotna
Cream Cheese - homemade
Cucumbers - Soldotna
Eggs - home grown and feed store
Green Beans - Soldotna
Honey - Kasilof
Milk - home grown
Onion - farmer's market
Pork - Funny River
Potatoes - Sutton
Squash - grocery store's Alaska-grown section
Turkey - Funny River

This was Thanksgiving week, and also marked the halfway point in our Alaska Food Experiment. I'll make a separate post for our actual Thanksgiving meal, but let me say right now, I am a little bit proud of myself for pulling off a traditional meal so well without much of a deviation from the plan.  Everything was local except for some white flour mixed into the barley rolls, and a little lemon juice in the cheesecake.

Friday and Saturday I worked the big craft fair at the high school, and Jim, James and I wanted to go see Catching Fire after the fair closed on Friday. There wasn't time to go home and fix a meal, even if it was leftovers, before the movie started, so we decided to go out to eat. We ate at our favorite Mexican restaurant and then had popcorn at the theater. We enjoyed it very much, but once the evening was over, it was time to get back on the plan. 

After the big feast on Thanksgiving day and the Mexican dinner out, my total monthly weight loss is eight pounds. I briefly got down to ten pounds lost, but that was before Thanksgiving, heehee. My pants are getting looser and I've noticed more positive changes in my body. Lest anybody worry that I'm losing too much weight or not eating enough, I assure you, that's not the case. I could stand to lose a good bit of weight and I have plenty of food to eat! I read in a few places that if you change your diet to whole, real foods, you won't be so hungry because your body isn't craving the nutrients missing from processed foods. That seems to be true! I'm satisfied with much less food and don't feel the need to snack all the time.

Stay tuned for a special post about our Thanksgiving meal!

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