Sunday, July 12, 2009

And you thought the blog was over, didn't you?

I've decided to keep up the blog about our new lives here in Alaska, partly because it's so different here and partly because some of the adjustments are a little funny. So, to start it off, here are some random observations from our first few days here in the Great Land:

Ravens are REALLY LOUD.

Wild animals scurry across the road in front of cars with alarming regularity. Sometimes they don't make it all the way across. The moose that walked out in front of Jim yesterday, though, was polite enough to wait for a gap in traffic before taking her time to cross the Spur Highway.

Traffic repair crews here are lightning fast. Under-repair sections of the highway between Anchorage and Soldotna on our way into town last week are completed and baby-bottom smooth. Take note, Texas road crews!


Our walk-out basement gets pretty chilly at times, but it's perfect upstairs.

Our original plan was to keep Tate and her geriatric hips in the walk-out basement so that she wouldn't try going up and down the stairs, but she got really depressed. So Jim let her come upstairs AND into bedrooms - a former absolute no-no - and now she's happy as a clam. She's started running up and down the stairs at breakneck speed and jumping down from the last three. But she's delighted, and that goes a long way. She doesn't like Nature, though, and does not want to potty in it. That is a problem.

Does anybody know where my cookbooks are? Did I bring them with us, or are they with the freight company? I can't find my blueberry muffin recipe from The Happy Berry in South Carolina.

Ravens sound like REALLY LOUD nightmares.

There is a bee colony that's built a nest in our back yard shed.

Hm, I guess that's about it. Yesterday we went into Anchorage and replaced some office chairs we left behind in Texas, and bought a new treadmill (yahooooooo!), a porch rocker made from recycled milk bottles in a sort of Trex-like material and ordered a porch swing to match it, found some Irish music sessions to try to get to sometime, and Jim priced snow machines and kayaks. We forgot to get the field guides to Alaskan plants and animals, so James and I will probably go out this afternoon and get those.



  1. So how loud are ravens, exactly?

  2. They sound like AAAAAAAAAGH but REALLY REALLY LOUD.

    Smart alec. ;^)

  3. Are the ravens in the trees or garden or?? Did you try telling them to shut up?

    Poor Tate. She'll figure out its ok for her to go out in nature. She just needs to find her spot.


  4. sounds like Tate will adapt well (even if some things take time to adjust too) for everyone / feels back to normal now that i can connect online, but know you'll be glad when the 'stuff' arrives and then not so much as you unpack and then oh so much when really settled in!

    please do keep the blog and i'll put you in my rss feed too and on my blogroll as well

    now if i could just get you all to twittering...

    love to all,

  5. Just quoth the ravens: "Nevermore!" They love Poe.

    Was expecting the post-move summary and lessons learned entry, but glad to see that the adventure continues!

  6. I'm so glad that the adventure isn't over!