Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 6 - Fort Nelson, British Columbia, Canada

3,023.1 total miles. 635.3 miles today.

James is collecting pictures of the budgies in their current surroundings every day, and since Jim was holding them in this pic of us leaving Spruce Grove, I thought I'd include it here. I think the budgies are ready to apply for their own passports and become full-time world travelers.

Tate, however, is not. She's decided that globetrotting is not for her, and she has developed a death wish that I'm going to make come true if she doesn't cut out the drama.

Anyway. Canada has stopped looking quite so much like Kansas, but it's still a great big lot o' nothing out here.

We have been under a time crunch to get back into the US before Tate's medical papers expire on the 9th. We'll make it, barring some unforeseen event, but in order to make sure, we haven't done anything remotely touristy. Except for the photo Jim took of all three of us at the Mile Zero marker for the AlCan Highway. It's still on his camera right now, so you'll have to settle for my non-peopled pic of the marker:

Once we got a few miles beyond Dawson Creek, where the AlCan begins, we were back to having nothing to look at but trees. We'd go for miles and miles without seeing another person, and then, in the middle of nowhere, there'd be a house, or even more bewildering, a jogger. We always wonder where they came from, and where they are trying to go. Here's James, driving across the metal grate Peace River Bridge:

The Peace River on the other side of the car:

We stopped for the night in Fort Nelson, BC. We're in a cute retro-type hotel - with a kitchenette!! Here are the budgies, on top of the kitchenette:

Yes, that's a microwave on top of a dorm fridge. :^)

And here's Tate, finally settling down for a little while. So help me, she'd better sleep through the night. Jim's working while he has the chance.

While driving along the AlCan (which is actually called the Alaska Highway, but that doesn't sound as cool), we saw our first serious Do Not Feed The Bears sign, and down the road a couple hours, saw a black bear standing on the rise near the road, watching cars go by. Awesome.


  1. Was the bear waving? Love this blob! Thank you for your efforts

  2. Did you shoot the bear? I guess you have seen your last rattle snake for a while.

    I heard your belongings took a wrong turn on 635. They are now on Miami beach awaiting a transport boat to Haiti. The driver sees the water and thinks he is in the right place but says he was not aware that the French in Canada sound so much like Spanish.

    Keep trucking along and we will stay tuned.

  3. Jim (of the wild ride variety)July 8, 2009 at 1:50:00 AM CDT

    We let the bear be. It is Canada -- you have to sacrifice yourself for the natural fauna.

    I hope our stuff enjoys the sun!