Monday, July 6, 2009

Random stuff from the trip so far

Hello again. I'm waiting my turn in the shower after a half night's sleep (thanks, Tate) and thought I'd get a bonus post in before I go clean up.

This was one of our change-of-address cards. I blurred out the address, obviously. Our neighbors on our street, and the friends we got to see before we left got these.

Silliness for the road...

One of the few touristy things we did was try out the local specialty of Idaho Huckleberry Cordials.

They're a lot like Cherry Mash, except they have a smaller amount of filling and it's obviously huckleberry instead of cherry. It tastes pretty much like grape. We also shared a huckleberry soda in Montana. For the record, Montana was my favorite stop so far.

We could see this building from our hotel in Helena. You can't see it here, but maybe if you click on the photo it will enlarge enough for you to see the lizards twining around that spire. Since I've left the sweet little house geckos back in Texas, this was a fun thing to see.

We didn't know this type of thing existed. We see them all the time for the last couple days... Trucks hauling around two ATVs on these things. I'm not sure what I think of them, but I think I think they're a good idea.
Okay, the shower's empty now and it's my turn. I just heard the neighbors in the next room leaving, too. I think they were paying us back for all the noise Tate was making last night, and weren't exactly quiet themselves. Oh well. Time to start another day and drive the worse part of the AlCan. Today's goal - to get to at least Whitehorse, YT.



  1. Those were the most epic COA handouts ever.

    It would seem that the lizards on the side are some sort of dragon, desperately trying not to slide off the slick dome they had the misfortune of landing on, while the top one is a serpent. (Note wings on the side ones)

  2. Hope you had a good day today on the road. Just remember you are in our prayers. Love the blog.

    Cathy Clough

  3. Reminds me of the Ghostbusters Movie....

  4. We are happy that the trip has progressed so well..That just showes good planning and execution..Thanks for coming to Colorado..