Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Settling in to our new routine

Hello again!

Just a few pictures I thought you might like to see today...

This is the bustling downtown area of Nikiski. The post office and video shop share the building on the left. On the right is M&M Market grocery store where you can actually buy Nikiski souvenirs, The Tree House restaurant, and a ceramics store. Speaking of the post office and Nikiski, some of you may have noticed that our mailing address lists Kenai as our town. That's because Nikiski is so small we only have a postal substation, and our mail actually routes through Kenai.

The Big Mac's bigger cousin, made with two quarter-pound patties instead of the Big Mac's 1.6 ounce patties. You can only get a McKinley Mac in Alaska. Yet another reason to come visit us!

Yesterday was SO pretty out, James took a book and went outside to read. That seemed like a really good idea, so while James tried out the new indestructo rocking chair, Jim pulled a bar chair outside and took his computer out so he could work - and taunt his coworkers by video chatting with the lake in the background. Tate also went outside and surprisingly settled down in the coolest place she could find, under the benches in the shade. I took a book and cushion outside, too, and nestled into the V formed by the house's logs where the prow is.

Tate says "Thanks, Aunt Amy!" for the polar bear toy!
For those keeping track of Tate's adjustment to Alaskan living, she's still doing pretty well. Nature seems worthy of being pottied on now, which is a big relief (no pun intended). She is also trying to add the stairs to the top floor of the house to her roaming area. We're putting an absolute stop to that, though, because they're slat stairs, and as often as she falls, we don't want her getting hurt on those.

We got a little rain this morning, and we are expecting to see our first Texas company later today. Friends of Big Jim's are coming through on vacation and are going to see Cook Inlet - which, if you recall, is only 15 minutes from my house, so come on up and see the Inlet for yourselves!


  1. Jim (of the wild ride variety)July 14, 2009 at 4:44:00 PM CDT

    The guests came and left, mostly unscathed by the experience, so we have evidence it is safe for others to come and do likewise!

  2. Blog won't let me post, said my cookies are crumbled

  3. Ahh there it is, as I was saying.... Mr Wild Jim, do you mean we can Come and then Leave OR Be Unscathed?
    Do we have a choice? What about the Yurt?

  4. Y'know, I found out what town the Alaska Yurt Factory (or whatever its real name is) was just off our route only AFTER we'd passed it. Woulda been funny to stop in....

    And the blog never lets *me* leave a comment until after it's told me once that my comment cannot be added. I always have to hit the post button twice. Weird.

  5. Jim (of the wild ride variety)July 17, 2009 at 12:28:00 AM CDT

    Amy -- you have little choice. You, and all of our other friends are COMPELLED to visit. You will be scathed by the experience, most likely, but not much, so, as Wesley was only MOSTLY dead, you'll be MOSTLY unscathed. If you're completely scathed there isn't much to do but search the pockets and look for loose change.