Monday, April 20, 2009


No, it's not Talk Like A Pirate Day, it's just some frustration at all that has to be done before Wednesday.

What's so special about Wednesday, you ask?

Wednesday is the day our current house goes up for sale.

Jim and I have been packing boxes and taking them to the storage unit to make room here in the house, and also to start recording the weights of the boxes in case we go with a shipper who charges by the pound. But there's also the cleaning and sprucing up of the house to make it appealing to potential buyers, and that's a LOT of work. We live here, so we have things the way we like them, not the way that a stranger would necessarily think is the best way to use the space in the house. So, no more recliner in the breakfast nook (pout, pout) and the dining room table is going to have to look like a dining room table, instead of a place for me to work on cake. Right now, getting photos ready for the MLS listing will probably mean moving stacks of boxes, etc. from one room to another so that we can photograph the rooms while they're relatively empty, and then put stuff back again.



  1. You can always toss some nice tablecovers over the piles of boxes. Even stick a table lamp on top and call it decoy.
    If the Realtor is good they will know the tricks.
    Oh and a room screen, one of those folding screens to hide things? You have one of those? Can you make one from boxes?
    Best of Luck

  2. I can't find the folding screen we had... I think we may have donated it to the thrift store at some point. :( I spent all yesterday cleaning like a crazy person and only got THREE rooms "nice" enough to photograph. So guess what I'll be up to today? Sigh. I do have another Big Box O' Random started for you, though!