Wednesday, April 15, 2009

... But is another door opening?

I love it when James has his Irish musician friends over for a home practice session. We never know exactly who's going to show up, so I may meet someone new, or I may just get to update myself on how the regulars are doing. Not that I see them often myself, but the mom in me likes to count noses and see that everybody's okay. I know, I'm weird. Plus I get to cook and plan food. Somewhere in my ancestry, there must be a Jewish grandma, because the urge to put out a lot of food sometimes gets the better of me.

Once I see that people are settled in and know where the food and beverages are, Jim and I go out of the way and let the musicians do their thang. I happened to walk past Jim's office, where I noticed he was looking at the Alaska MLS listings online. I admit the first thing that popped into my less-than-charitable (at that moment) thoughts was: "He's doing it AGAIN." Even while planning our dream house and going forward with plans for it, Jim enjoyed looking at the homes for sale, seeing what was available and what we could never hope to afford and where the good views were. Seeing that our house was slipping away from us, I was a wee bitty bit irked that he was "shopping" again.

But this is the house that he had on the screen at that moment:

Now, I know not everyone does, but I believe in love at first sight. Been there, done that, married him. I didn't fall in immediate love with this house, but the unmistakable pull towards it was there before I even got a good look at it.

What on earth is happening?


  1. I LOVE this house!! What a GREAT Find! Good Job Jim! (Sure beats a Yurt)