Thursday, April 23, 2009

"I'm beautiful inside!"

I admit it that yesterday I didn't care to see the For Sale sign in the front yard, so I didn't look at it until I left the house to run errands this morning.

In the place where (hopefully soon) the SOLD sign will go, there is a placeholder sign that reads "I'm beautiful inside!" Underneath it is the normal real estate sign with a smiling photo of our realtor. At first glance, it struck me as the realtor proclaiming himself to be a beautiful person, regardless of how he looks on the surface.

Which is pretty cool, actually. Especially in the stress of the upcoming weeks, I'm going to use that as a reminder to stop and inventory the things that are right about me, and right about my family, and right about my friends. 

Because YOU're beautiful inside, too.


  1. Why do I feel a Song coming on?

  2. I feel a song coming

  3. Everything is beautifulllllllllllllll
    In it's own wayyyyyyyy...........
    ~ ~ Deanna