Saturday, April 11, 2009

Perhaps I should back up a bit...

It occurs to me that not everyone is aware of how long this move has been in the works. The short answer is: a long time.

The first time Jim showed a marked interest was way back in 1993, when Reader's Digest published a story about a husband and wife who moved to Alaska and lived in a cabin for a year or so. It seems that ever since then, Alaska has been in the back of Jim's mind.

Our first trip to Alaska as a family was in 2001. We spent a week fishing in Soldotna, on the Kenai River.

Okay, actually, Jim and James fished. I don't like anything to do with fish or fishing or any of that slimy stuff, so I brought a yarn stash and knitting needles and spent a happy week in the quietness, watching the river go by.

This moose cow and her twin calves walked right through the yard!

It didn't take long for Jim to fall head-over-heels in love with the area, and before the trip was over, he was asking to move there permanently. I said okay, but first I wanted to live four years in the new house we were building. Turns out it took a lot longer than four years for us to get to the point of actually leaving Texas.

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