Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Jim and James are the first to camp on our land

Jim managed to go a while without making a trip back to Alaska, but in 2008, he decided it had been long enough. He and James headed back up, just the two of them, with plans to camp on our land and do a little sight-seeing.

This is the view from one edge of our property looking towards the other edge. The water is so calm, and the trees are so pretty in the reflection. 

Here's James, working on the camp site. All that Boy Scout training comes in handy in the real world sometimes.

For example, when you want to light your camp fire:

The guys also went on a kayak trip on the Kenai Lake.

And they made the now-traditional hike up Round Mountain.  Here's James, at Lower Fuller Lake.

Also while in the area, they spent time with our neighbors and visited the Sea Life Center in Seward. There's always more to do than there's time to do it in.