Saturday, January 11, 2014

Week Ten Meals

Our final week on the Alaska Food Experiment! Here's what we ate:

Sunday, January 5:
Breakfast - unless otherwise noted, breakfast is eggs fried in butter
Lunch - unless otherwise noted, lunch is leftovers
Supper - "zoodles" in beefy tomato sauce with kohlrabi

Monday, January 6:
Supper - sausage/burger patties, edible pod peas, fried potatoes

Tuesday, January 7:
Supper - beefy tomato sauce, kohlrabi, broccoli, potato chips

Wednesday, January 8:
Supper - leftover beefy tomato sauce, edible pod peas

Thursday, January 9:
Supper - chuck roast, roasted carrots and onion, baked potatoes

Here's where it came from:
Beef - Homer
Butter - homemade
Carrots - Palmer
Dairy / Cheese - homegrown, homemade
Eggs - home grown
Kohlrabi - Soldotna
Onion - Soldotna
Pork - Funny River
Potatoes - Sutton
Tomatoes - Soldotna
Zucchini - Soldotna

On Tuesday, two of our goats, special pets, were picked up by their new owners and moved to the village of Sleetmute. I missed them a lot, and rifled the cabinets for something to stress eat. Yes, I know that stress eating does not help. But I did it anyway. I wanted to feel better. I found some chocolate chips left over from Christmas baking and ate some. Yes, I made myself sick. I got the jitters, and if I thought I was crabby beforehand, well, that was nothing compared to afterward. Note to self - you can't handle chocolate like you used to.

Friday, I had a doctor appointment at 9:15 a.m.. Understand that I'm a night owl. I could happily stay up until 2:00 a.m. but that means I sleep until 10:00, so I was going to get up three hours early for this appointment. Jim spent Thursday night working 'round the clock (again) and he literally got into bed as I was getting out of it. In the interest of being quiet and not waking him, I skipped breakfast and left the house. Once I got to the doctor, I found out my appointment had accidentally been deleted from their schedule! Fortunately, the nurse remembered talking to me and trying to make the appointment, so they still got me in to see the doctor. Ten minutes and $150 later, I found out I could treat my owie with home remedies. Having spent so little time at the doctor, I found myself with 45 minutes to spare before my next appointment to meet one of the people I sew for and pick up some work. I drove around a bit, walked through a couple of stores, and eventually decided I was hungry enough, and would still need to be away from home long enough, that I could justify a trip through the drive-through for just enough breakfast to tide me over until the afternoon. I pulled in to McD's and ordered an Egg McMuffin. It wasn't until I had driven down the road a ways and got out my sandwich that I looked inside it to discover a slice of cheese, a slice of Canadian bacon, and a sausage patty. No egg.

After the stress of the week, the early morning, the sleepless schedule Jim's been on, the sticker shock of ten minutes of my doctor's time... an eggless EGG McMuffin was the most ridiculous thing in my world. I just sat there and laughed.

And decided that this unplanned meal cheat would signal the end of the Alaska Food Experiment.

We're getting so low on veggies that yes, I could still squeeze out a couple more days, but then again, ending on January 9 means a nice round 70 days of being a full-time locavore. That's a good place to end it, I think.

I still plan to post some recipes and how-tos for a few of the things I did while on The Experiment, as well as a summary post, but those will be for later. 

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  1. I can attest to the crabbies. Yes, I can. But you're still sweet. Just not QUITE as sweet. Well, I guess I'll stop there.